Welcome to Kepela.com

Embroidery and Videography are my main hobbies

My favorite things



Here are the links to the pages on the internet that are just about the things that Iím most interested in, and a little about me.

The Sewing site will give you information on how I got into sewing and embroidery, what machines I purchased and why and even downloads of my one designs (all two of them).

Embroidery is a link to some of the projects Iíve done.

Digital Video will take you to Paper To DVD where you can see the work I love to do.

About me is just that, about me.


If you fined yourself on another site and there is no link back, you can hit your back arrow or the link to http://www.keppy.net which will take you back to my main internet site or retype www.kepela.com to get back to this page.


Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy the things I have to share.