Family and Friends Photo Albums

The 1910 through 1929:

These are a few of the photos I have of my great grandparents and grandparents in their early years, and my mom† and dad as children.

Momís Dad,†††††††††††††††††† Momís Mom

Momís Dad

My Great Grandparents, Grandparents, Parents

Date: 02/20/2006

Aunty Frances & Mom


Dadís Mom & Cousin

Frances & Mom

Momís Older Sister

Dadís Sister

Momís Mom

Dadís Grandma & Uncles


Momís Mom & Rose

Momís Grandpa & Uncle

Frances & Mom

Dad, His Sister & Cousin Harold

Dad & His Sister

Mom & Her Sisters & ?

Mom & Her Grandma, Mom, Sisters

Momís Mom & Aunts

Momís Mom†††† Momís Grandma, mom & aunt