Family and Friends Photo Albums

The front door to all my sites. Here you will find links to the photo albums or events from the 80s through New Year 2005. There are links to my personal hobby site, my embroidered designs and projects, videos of my mommy, my dad’s 80s birthday bash and the U.S. Navy Salvage Divers reunion in San Diego.

Some of our other sites

Links to pages within this website and links to other websites I have around the internet. All are photo oriented and family oriented. If you get lost, you can always use your browsers back arrow to get you back to where you came, or go back to the “door way” of my pages at There you will find a link to each site and it’s set of pages.

Albums of holidays and events

This is the cover to 4 separate photo albums with holidays, events and trips that we have made over the past 20 or so years. The wonderful 4th of July parties my mom loved to give, our Xmases with friends, birthdays and more.

The Gallery

The Gallery is a secured site for my family and friends only. This is a place where it is easy for you to upload you own photo to add to an existing album, or start your own album. Don’t forget to use the form to request your own ID and password so you can start sharing your photos with the family.

Babies Page and Slide show

These are pages of just my 4 legged babies, the 4 I have now and a few of the babies I’ve loved having in the past.

Want to turn your paper photographs into a DVD movie? Put that family event, wedding, birthday, or trip, on a DVD to be played on your TV. Watch your photos come to life with the bright colors or clarity they haven’t had for decades.

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